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Jul 2 13 5:37 PM

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Clever beggars these eyetie engineers aint they! Not being an Alfa expert........Yet! I was under the impression that both plugs fired at the top of the combustion stroke...........not so.....



The Twin Spark Engines
The 1.8 Litre Twin Spark was the basis engine in the 916 series. The 1.8 l TS is based on the better known 2.0 Litre Twin Spark engine and has 144 bhp. Alfa Romeo has used its traditional ignition technology with two spark plugs per cylinder. The spark plugs are not simultaneously as might at first be thought, instead the second plug ( offset in the chamber ) fires 360° after the main, central plug. This spark at the end of the exhaust phase reduces not only the exhaust emission but gives an extra performance boost. Each spark plug has its own coil which also guarantees smooth and efficient combustion. Eventhough the platinum plugs are rather more expensive than the normal plugs, they only have to be changed every 100000 km.

The 2.0 TS engines are well known for being very lively and with their counterbalance shaft there is very little vibration to be felt in all ranges.
The 2.0 TS with its 150 bhp (as from 2000 with 155 bhp) is the better choice over the 1.8 TS with its 144 bhp. This is mainly due to the greater traction, 187 Nm as to 169 Nm in the 1.8 TS.

Cheers, Ray.

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Jul 3 13 11:56 AM

Re: Well, I never knew that!

Alfa clever indeed and have developed a surprising amount of todays engine technology and yes, lovely smooth engines.

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