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Mar 26 13 8:36 PM

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We were driving along quite merrily a month ago in the TS GTV.

All of a sudden the engine cut out - no noise just died. Liz driving (we were doing about 70 (ahem) ) so knocked it into neutral and drifted up a sliproad from the A14.

Wouldn't restart - no power to tun the engine over - new battery so diagnosed alternator failure.

AA'd home and hooked up booster pack to drive off the truck - massive banging noise - WTF ? Didn't want to restart so relayed to local Indie next day. Diagnosis - bottom end failure.

Enough - had spent enough on this one - they (Indie) agreed a good scrap price and I agreed.

Over the weekend they got a GTV in for scrap but the engine was sweet - was I interested? For sure.

Bottom line they swapped engines, used my ancillaries - water pump, refurbished starter motor, recent thermostat but kept the working alternator from the donor. A new clutch was a no brainer so one fitted fitted ( last one had lasted 130k miles). Obviously the oil was changed plus filter. They had to helicoll the sump. One split driveshaft gaiter renewed. New coolant .

I had had the cambelt , tensioners and variator replaced 5k miles ago - so I have taken the risk and had them swapped over to the donor engine - a calculated risk.

Drove it home this afternoon - all good.

Now then - all this done by my local indie and everything including parts, VAT and labour came in under four figures - for sure I am a regular there but I am so impressed.
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