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Dec 8 12 3:25 PM

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Having just cured my problem with my heater blower I've found out that it's quite a common problem and probably not specific to a Spider (so maybe I should start a GTV/Spider lounge!).

My heater started not coming on, mostly in the evening, until I'd already started my journey home. Understandably that was a bit of a nuisance to say the least, especially at this time of year! Then a bump would set it working. I knew that the heater itself was working; I could feel the meagre heat coming through after a few miles Eventually it just stopped blowing altogether.

I enquired on AnOther forum and it's an easyish fix, providing that you don't mind kneeling in the ice for a wee while

At the bottom of the driver's (right hand) side of the centre dash there is a wee plastic shroud covering an access point. If you open that and feel inside there are a load of wires attached to a connector box. In all likelihood there is a bad connection and wiggling the wires should start the blower working. I was told to pull the connection box down and make a fresh connection, but Mr SG went in with a can of WD40 and that seems to have done the trick.

It might be a temporary repair, but it's a good one in minus goodness knows what temperatures! I was driving with a hot water bottle on my lap!!!

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Dec 13 12 1:13 PM

Re: Heater Blower Issue

Am I right in assuming that the blower is ok but not heat behind it?
If so it sounds like an issue that seems to have cured itself in my car. Thanks for the tip for when it reappears.

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