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Jul 28 12 11:03 AM

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Well some might be aware that I decided to give the GTV a rest earlier this year and went ahead and got myself a little Abarth 500. I am now thinking of what to do next. Keep the GTV and prepare it as a track day car or sell up. It needs a few things doing for its MOT. Front off side cv joints and rear spring pan bushes that I know of. All belts, tensioners, variator, waterpump, and spark plugs and oil service were done in late January of this year so the big jobs should be ok for now.

What do you all think I should do? Being coming and going on this for a few months now so thoughts and ideas might just help me make the decision.


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Jul 29 12 9:46 PM

Re: What to do with the GTV

I know the name of a guy who does spare parts if you need it

Track car sounds like fun and a GTV would be ideal - so well balanced.

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Aug 3 12 6:14 AM

Re: What to do with the GTV

Tough call Marc, your looked a good clean car but a track car would be a giggle. We saw a track twinny at Castle Coombe earlier in the year, the guy only paid 400 notes for it and was having a great time.

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