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Jul 11 12 3:30 PM

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Wanted to change the brake pads for a while now and finally got around to do it.
For some time I had a kind of "CRRRKK" sound while applying the brakes with the engine running and beeing stationary.
As I took the pads out to clean the calipers it seemed like the pads were situated very tight in the caliper. After cleaning all the dirt out it didn't squeek for a while, but it came back...

So while putting the new pads in (which wasn't really possible as the pads didn't seem to fit in) I noticed corrosion under the stainless guide bits wihich are held on by a 27 Torx screw. That corrosion and dirt build up under those thingies caused them to be bent upwards and "hold" the pads and cause the noise when applying the brakes.

Oh, getting those Torx screws out isn't funny either as they are held in by corrosion and Loctite as well.
BUT after cleaning all out and with new pads on: Works as intended.
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Jul 20 12 5:45 PM

Re: Brembo calipers -> corrosion

I can't remember what mine cost, but I don't think they were that bad.

Have you tried Marc from Altosportivo? His prices are extremely competitive. Link is on the portal page.

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