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Jul 11 12 3:12 PM

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Having owned a 155 before the GTV, I knew it had to be another Alfa. Didn't need to be that spacious and I always liked the Spider. Looking around for a car worth buying I found my - kind of neglected - GTV. It needed some work, nothing too complicated, usual stuff liek oil, filters, plugs. Oh, and a wheel bearing, window motor, an uncracked side cover in the back. And some Alcantara for the cabin. And a shift knob. And some other stuff I surely forgot already.

One of the first pictures I took after I had it MOT'd.

Alcantara close-up. It's also less noisy compared to the regular stuff.

Changed the colour of the switches to white.

Shiney and still with spoiler which has been gone since.

New bootlid, no more spoiler.

Funky dials.

Not planning on modifying anything else. A respray sometime would be nice.
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