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Jun 10 12 11:53 AM

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I bought my first Alfa last December a 916 spider in zoe yellow 80,000 miles. With a little time and effort and a little money I got it into a very reasonable condition. A week ago whilst my son was taking his girlfriend home he pulled up behind a Toyota at the traffic lights. When the lights changed on came the reversing lights and it came backwards. My son blew the horn and slammed into reverse and so the collision was very slight. The other driver admitted that it was his fault and told us to get an estimate for the damage. The damage looked to be light ,a split in the nose of the bonnet running into the grille aperture about 2 inches and a split in the No plate plinth. When I took it to the repairer It needed a new bonnet and plinth, with possible damage to front bumper. The major problem would be the paintwork , it may need a complete respray in order to blend in. Second hand parts would cost about £500. A new bonnet is £1100 plus vat. The costs are now rising rapidly, together with labour I could easily find myslf facing an insurance write off. Absolutely heart breaking
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Jun 10 12 5:49 PM

Re: Oh Dear!

Aorry to hear this but a simple tap can easily write off our cars given their current market value.
If the Inusurance will wear the costs the all well and good but you could be looking at buying the car back from the Insurance company as a cat D, in which case may make a few quid out of it if you go down the second hand parts route.
Alternatively is a deal with the driver possible? £500 may be less than his excess and increase in future premiums.
I wish you luck in sorting her out.

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Jun 16 12 9:48 AM

Re: Oh Dear!

This is always an issue with insurance underwriters happy to take the easy route and right off older cars. I've battled before with insurance buddies wanting to do this and won.

You should be able to pick up a second hand bonnet and a good resprayer should be able to match the paint variation, although I would probably go for a full respray too

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