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May 29 12 6:34 PM

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...... before my V6 Spider arrives on 1st June.

I work opposite Avanti Ipswich (from whom I am buying it so I see it every day). Rear suspension is being powerflexed and I can see it being done, other bits and pieces are being tweaked. I have sorted the insurance (only £310 to an old man) and it'll need taxing on Friday - aaargh.

I am a calm and rational man.

But I must admit I am getting rather exited.

Photos will follow after it is mine...... all mine.
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May 31 12 6:48 PM

Re: 2 Days to go........

spidergirl wrote:
Ist of June the man said, so tomorrow is the big day!

Looking forward to the photos Paul!


Yep - Insurance arranged . The rear end has been powerflexed. It has had a full service including cambelts. It will be MOT'd in the morning and all I have to do is tax it - I work in the same building as the local DVLC office.

Photos WILL be taken and posted .

And yes - sleeping has been a challenge - Hell, how old am I? - it's like Christmas when I was 5 (55 years ago).

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Jun 1 12 10:10 AM

Re: 2 Days to go........

I'd say owning a Spider will put a smile on anyone's face.. Be it 6 or 60..
Ya never too old to enjoy the wind in ya hair, or on ya pallet.. Whichever the case may be..

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Jun 1 12 6:52 PM

Re: 2 Days to go........

Today is the day and i've got it.


Only one thing - it is 11 years old and nobody thought about keeping the leather seats supple. I have spent the afternoon applying leather cream. Luckily though the previous owner (only one) knew that you do not get out of a 916 - you dismount.
By which I mean- open door, place right leg on ground and stand up. This means you do not hit the bolster and the drivers bolster on my spider has only minor marks.

Here are some pics - sorry I have been driving and enjoying so these are just phone pics. ... 86/Spider/

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Jun 1 12 7:34 PM

Re: 2 Days to go........

It's lovely Paul and what a great colour.

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Jun 1 12 9:14 PM

Re: 2 Days to go........

Yep - I am well pleased with it.

It was great when Liz drove it as well - the smile on her face as she floored it in 2nd and 3rd will remain with me for a while.

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Jun 3 12 6:25 PM

Re: 2 Days to go........

spidergirl wrote:

You lucky, lucky people!

Yes we are.

I am one of the last generation to be able to take £xK as a lump sum from my pension and buy a toy.

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Jun 3 12 7:04 PM

Re: 2 Days to go........

pendragonfalls wrote:
PaulR wrote:
Double post , now edited - sorry.

Must be an age thing.....

I'd guess you'd know?

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