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May 17 12 9:39 PM

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Had real bad luck with my phase2 GTV ‘Clarion’ Radio/Cassette in that, first off I needed a code and ‘Hay88’ from the Alfa Romeo Forum couldn’t help due to its age so I then sent it to ‘DND Services’ (found through the Alfa Forum again) only to have it irreparably damaged through the Courier (‘UPS’) apparently mishandling it (as it had been sturdily packed).

I don’t fancy an aftermarket unit, despite the many functional and qualitative pluses and was wondering whether anyone may have a (fully functioning) original unit they're prepared to sell – preferably with security code. Alternatively the corresponding radio/CD player would be great too.

Given the wretched experience of trying to have one couriered I think I’d be prepared to travel to collect too which might save some inconvenience to a seller.

Thanks in advance.
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