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Apr 23 12 11:25 AM

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Just replaced arial on Spider. Got it off ebay from Motocare Ltd in Blackpool.www.MotoCare
It cost £27.99 inc VAT & it fit with a small mod to bracket & wireing was also ok. So if needed give them a try
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Apr 23 12 10:18 PM

Re: Car Aerial

Yes close Davey,car red & yellow, aeril red & blue so red/red & blue/yellow. The new aerial is longer than the old one so the car mounting bracket is moved lower so it only bolts to the lower of the 2 mounting points but its solid, co/ax cable is quite long but plugs into car cable ok & can be taped & put away tidy. The old aeril worked ok but some To**a super glued it & it would'nt go fully down.

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Apr 24 12 12:35 PM

Re: Car Aerial

Who would superglue an aerial? Some idiots about eh Lusso.
I replaced my aerial last year and only two bolts fitted as well, I must have cocked up the wiring so I'll have another look armed with your advice.

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