Apr 10 12 7:29 PM

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1 Pair of Adjustable KONI shock absorber units.
These units are designed to replace the original OEM
rear shock absorbers.

They have 3 levels of dampening adjust-ability and provide and much improved
ride over the OEM units.
Also unlike the OEM units they are not made of cheese so will happily last more than a few thousand miles.

My GTV had a very sloppy rear end when I first bought it, upon fitting
these KONI's the rear instantly transformed.

Shocks are in used condition the shock body has some paint damage, they came from a GTV that had been heavily Waxoyl'd as a result some of the waxoyl has found its way onto the shock.

The shock absorber action itself is in 100% working order as is the adjust-ability.

Selling due to upgrading to In-Trax Adjustable Coil-overs.

£65.00 delivered to your door.