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Mar 25 12 3:46 PM

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Ever since I got the Spider, there's been a "squeak" somewhere behind the middle of the dash.
I put it down to, well I put it down to it being a Spider..:

One of my scuttle panels looks like its had a fight with some brake fluid, or similar, and its all pitted.
Got a replacement from the scrappies the other day, and as its sunny.

Tried to take the wipers off, and one is very loose..
Found the reason. A 10mm bolt holding the wiper bar on underneath the panel, was held on with a wing and a prayer.
Tightened, replaced the shiny new-ish scuttle panels. Went for a spin. Lo and behold
"squeak" completely gone..

Happy days..
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Mar 25 12 4:42 PM

Re: Damm "Squeak"...!

Such a sweet feeling to cure an annoying rattle and a simple fix is all the better.
I have an annoying buzzdeep in the other cars dash which only happens between 1500-2000 rpm, such an unaccessable place but learning to live with it.

I also changed the Gtv scuttles as they were pitted, know exactly what you mean by brake fluid.

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