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Mar 15 12 10:13 AM

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Hi everyone I've just registered and keen to meet and speak to people and learn more about my lovely motor she's a
2.0 T Spark.
She's a bit ill at the moment, needs a re-con gearbox and new clutch but coz times are a bit tough, job wise, repairs have been dragging on a bit. Anyway, I have 2 questions if I may ask. 1. Is it worth,or can I convert my car to a 3 or 3.2 V6 with 6speed?
2. If not, what price could I be paying for a re-con gearbox and clutch kit for my car. Thanks guys.

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Mar 18 12 9:18 AM

Re: My Lady in RED!!!!

Rico, It would probably be more hassle to convert to 3.0 than it's worth. Easier to sell and buy different car.
If you are able to change the clutch yourself you will obviously save a ton of labour costs. My indie was charging £450 for a clutch change 3 years ago. I also needed a replacement box fitted which was about £500 odd all in, cash.

Who carries out your work down your way?

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Apr 1 12 2:51 PM

Re: My Lady in RED!!!!

Thanks Daveypark,

Thanks for the info. I know of a few places that will do the work and they are quoting more or less the same as what you have said. I'll see how things go this may mean buying another Spider/ GTV.

Thanks again

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Apr 27 12 1:45 PM

Re: My Lady in RED!!!!

Sorry to hear that's she not well

I'm also wondering whether the 3 litre Spiders had a different suspension setup as a V6 is a heavier lump than the Twinnie. It could be a lot more than just engine, gearbox and clutch. The handling might be affected too.

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