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Mar 12 12 8:47 PM

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I used standard D2S bulbs as well as Hella controllers.

Comparing the bulbs.


As you can see, the connectors on the standard bulb and on the controller are identical, BUT: the polarity on the connector on the car needs to be switched.

Fitting the D2S takes a little time but doesn't require any modifications to the housing. It's a tight fit, no need to worry about vibrations or randomly moving bulbs.

The controllers were padded and zip-tied to secure them in place. I didn't leave the controller behind the bulb as seen in the picture, it was moved to the left to avoid vibrations/interference with the headlight housing.

Is the light any better? Yes, by far.
Does it blind others on the road? No. As the bulbs have (almost) the same point of light emission, the pattern is as it is supposed to be.
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Mar 12 12 8:50 PM

Re: HID installation guide

Spidergirls Guide


Oh my This is a controversial but wowee mod

I opted for 4.3k lights so that retinas of the drivers coming towards me stayed intact

Driver's side almost in...

Driver's side HID/Passengers Xenon


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Mar 13 12 10:03 AM

Re: HID installation guide

As pointed out this is a controversial issue regarding HID lights. Technically, technically they are illegal, even though they have E numbers and recognised EU marks. However, as they were not part of the vehicle at point of manufacture then this is where they become illegal. The lights must have a method of cleaning the lens, ie jet wash or wipers, they must have self levelling motors to prevent blinding on coming drivers. Some MoT stations may fail the car for the lights some wont as long as the alignment is correct. I have had these fitted to my GTV and it sailed through MoT's no problem and never had a problem with the Police.
Under Construction and Use ( Police powers) if the lights are misaligned and blinding oncoming drivers your car can be prohibited until they are either removed or realigned. You could aslo end up with 3 points on your licence and a £60 fine. Also as they are a modificationj you MUST inform your insurers. They may just say thank you for informing or they may add a small fee to your policy. If you dont tell them and your involved in an accident they may refuse to pay out any claims.

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Mar 13 12 10:12 AM

Re: HID installation guide

Thanks Ratty Posting these installation guides does not mean that the forum condones in any way breaking of the law. Any installations taken on by forum members is on their own heads should they be lifted by the strong arm of the law

Do as I say, not as I do

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