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Installation of mapped ECU chips

Tools required;
10mm spanner and or socket
Decent terminal screwdriver
EPROM/EEPRM chip removal tool if able to get one.

1, First thing to do is to remove the ECU from the car.

a. To do this I’d recommend disconnecting the battery –VE terminal (negative).
b. Go into the passenger footwell and look up behind the glovebox, you may need to pull the carpet too but not always.
c. Once found you’ll see a stainless steel clip on the main connector it pull outward kind of like a ring pull on a can of pop, pull it and the connector will pretty much fall off the ECU.
d. Now that the main connector is off feel either side of the ECU you’ll find 2 10mm nuts (one on each side) undo these and the ECU is now removed from the car.

2, Take your time to recognise the ECU front and back.

a. I used a small screwdriver as I didn’t have a terminal to hand and my electrician’s scissors as they got under the tabs better.

b. Get under the tabs around the perimeter and lift them till vertical.

c. Once all vertical flip the ECU over to remove the lid.

d. The lid should simply lift off exposing the ECU main board.

e. There is a chip cradle top left from the connector with the removable EPROM.

f. I couldn’t find my chip pulling tool so used my little screwdriver in the 2 opposing gaps that the chip puller would go into. PLEASE NOTE THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER IS CUT AWAY TO DESIGNATE THE ORIENTATION OF THE CHIP SEEN IN THE NEXT IMAGE.

g. Make sure no dust or moisture gets into the ECU or even the chip cradle.
h. Now line up your new chip carefully noting the cut corner to the bottom right and press down.

i. Now it’s closed it’s a simple Haynes reversal of the opening procedure and fitting to the car.