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Jul 12 14 9:53 PM

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Hello, I'm 18 years old and my name is Marwin Moody. I currently own a SAAB 900 turbo(16v), 1989 mod. I bought it when I was 16. Unfortunately, the car was not well looked-after by its first owner, making it too severely rusted for me to fix. I fear it is indeed time for me to pass it on to someone with whom more know-how and tools lay. This brings me to the question: Should I get a 916? I'm considering both GTV and Spider. I fell in love with the design as I first laid eyes upon it, and after much reading on the cars, I think it's a realistic option.

Here's what one needs to know:
I live in a place where temperatures vary massively: Many summer days we've had 42c/107f in the sun, but during winter time we sometimes have as low as -22c/-8f. Can the car handle this climate? I study music, so I need to bring gear. Could a guitar fit in the trunk/boot? We have pretty shitty weather here during winter, snow, rain etc etc. I heard the car is virtually rust free, is this correct?

Are the cars easy to maintain, especially for a student on a tight budget? Do they swallow gas like my SAAB does (18-20 mpg / 0.8-1 L per 10km)? Parking? Accessability?
I don't care about resale value. I just want to gather a lot of info on the cars from owners.

Thanks for having me, and thanks for eventual responses :)
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Jul 20 14 1:09 PM

Hi Marwin and welcome to 916.
Sorry for large response but this forum is very quiet now.
In answer to your questions:
Temperatures- don't know as we don't have heat extremes here but 916 are all over Europe incl Greece, Croatia, Italy and also japan where greater heat extremes exist.
Guitars? I have a Strat and an acoustic Washburn D10CE so can check, what type of guitars where you hoping to fit in?
Rust? Mostly galvanised body, plastic composite bonnet and front wings. Rear wheel arches and floor which is not galvanised - take a looky here and feel under wheel arch rims for flakeyness.
Budget? Well running a 900 turbo you should be familiar with using old cars for everyday living but I would say that these cars need to be used and can throw hissy if rarely used. Once you have one you'll be looking for excuses to drive it.
Weak points are rear suspension which is often poly bushed as an upgrade, oil cooler on the v6 and diff failure on the v6.
Cam belts changed every 3 years on the 2.0 and 4-5 years on the 3.0 v6 engine.
Fuel not too bad unless you absolutely rag it; 20-28 on the v6 and 28-35 on the 2.0 litre. Of course there's no fuel computer so you never know and don't worry about it!
Above all else try one, test drive a few and do not buy the first one unless it has loads of history, all of the above jobs done and make sure it's from an enthusiast. You will love them and they are disappearing fast. Good luck.

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Jul 29 14 4:42 PM

Thanks for the response. The guitars I will be hoping to fit in include but are not limited to fender strat, washburn falcon (solid-body) and an ibanez af75 archtop jazz guitar-  so nothing bigger than a standard size western acoustic guitar. I'll try some eventually and look after the points you specified :)

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